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Commercial Sector

Radar Cyber Security
for Red Bull

Our customer reference
in the commercial sector

“Our commitment is to have all information with regards to security-relevant incidents and risks from the global IT landscape at one glance and so we can initiate the appropriate measures promptly.”

Jimmy HeschlHead of Digital Security at Red Bull

“We have detailed ideas of all tasks and goals for solutions that are used by us. This is also true for the continuous monitoring and the vulnerability scanning. From the beginning Radar Cyber Security has reacted flexibly to our needs and delivered individually adaptable solutions in a timely manner. Consequently a close, cooperative collaboration has developed.”

Jimmy HeschlHead of Digital Security at Red Bull

“From the beginning we knew our contacts at Radar Cyber Security in person. The continuous exchange in the course of our Security Jour Fixes at our headquarters and in between through our Risk & Security Cockpit is extremely valuable for me. In urgent situations, the information flow between the teams is quick and uncomplicated.”

Jimmy HeschlHead of Digital Security at Red Bull

About Red Bull

Inspired by functional drinks from the far east Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid of the 1980s. He developed the product as well as a very unique Marketing concept and launched the Red Bull drink on April 1st, 1987 on the Austrian market. This was not only the launch of a new product but as a matter of fact also the formation of a whole new product category.

Today Red Bull is available in more than 169 countries and worldwide more than 60 billion cans have been consumed, thereof nearly 6 billion in the year of 2015. In 2016 Red Bull employed approximately 11,000 staff members.

A global brand. In the background: a global IT landscape

The best-known product of the company is the energy drink Red Bull. Today’s marketing concept among others also comprises automobile sports, soccer and ice hockey. Also the sponsoring of athletes or projects such as the Red Bull Airrace are contributing to the reputation of the brand. In addition various media companies in the fields of production, TV and publishing are part of this corporation.

All groups together amount to a global IT infrastructure with large data quantities, continuous location expansions and integrations of new companies and groups.

High demands, also on IT-security

Red Bull always protects its products, all aspects of the marketing concept as well as all widely used digital media through a comprehensive IT security management based on leading technologies and an individual, competent IT security team.

A unique company, a unique IT security management

The uniqueness of the company is continued with its security management. Security solutions have to be tailor made in order to detect country, branch or company specific IT risks and threats successfully.

Radar Cyber Security is delivering its services in the area of continuous monitoring and vulnerability management for all IT locations and groups of Red Bull worldwide, integrates all data and delivers security-relevant information on a daily basis in a cockpit to all security responsibles at the headquarters.

The value of personal exchange

“Security” does not only comprise trust in technology. It also comprises trust in the manufacturer of technology and the experts that work with this technology on a daily basis. All this is available from one source thanks to Radar Cyber Security. Within the course of monthly Jour Fixes the status of the data collection for the monitoring and possible changes in the IT infrastructure of Red Bull as well as patterns and trends are discussed. Critical incidents are immediately reviewed and thereby not only the monitoring and reaction is continuously improved but also the alternative actions for an improved prevention are illustrated.

The complete package for your IT security

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