Austrian Energy Congress 2021

With digital technologies growing within the energy sector, attacks and cybercrime are on the rise. As part of Austrian Energy Congress 2021, discussions were held on how the industry can deal with the latest developments in the present and future.

As a panelist CEO Ali Carl Gülerman stated that the energy economy is well prepared when it comes to cybersecurity. The industry has recognized that this is a strategic issue, he said. Nowadays, cyber resilience, the ability to withstand attacks from the digital space, is essential.

Within the course of cyberattacks , months usually pass between the infiltration of IT systems and the actual hack. The attack takes place, when the affected company is in a vulnerable and critical position, such as just before a board meeting. Gülerman adds:

“That’s the time when the company has to react quickly and may be highly susceptible to blackmail.”

However, technical precautions alone would not provide sufficient protection. Equally important, he says, is the alignment of corporate processes and ongoing employee trainings through the Product – Process – People approach, which Radar Cyber Security follows.

Panel discussion – watch video recap

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Congress panelists next to Ali Gülerman:

– Sita Mazumder, Professor of Computer Science and Economy, Hochschule Luzern

– Michael Marketz, Chairman of Research and Innovation at “Oesterreichs Energie”

– Cem Karakaya, Cybercrime specialist and IPA Secretary Munich