IT Security „Made in Europe“ as the decisive factor

„Meltdown“ and „Spectre“ showed once more, how vulnerable our IT is. Again, trust in IT security has been damaged on a sustained basis.

Highest security standards and requirements in Europe

The Munich Cybersecurity Conference 2018 takes place today. Board members of large and medium-sized companies get together around the discussion of „Trust and security for the Digital Business and Connected Industries”. The role of the top management for cybersecurity is focused. „Trust that was lost must be restored. It is the basis of economic growth and the evolvement of the global digitalization in the direction of Industry 4.0“, says Christian Polster, CSO and CFO of RadarServices. The expert recommends to consider cyber security technologies that were „made in Europe”. Europe developed highest IT security standards compared internationally. Now it needs to put technology in place that fulfils this own set targets.

Largest Cyber Defence Centre in Europe

RadarServices is Europe‘s leading technology company in the field of Detection & Response. In focus: The early detection of IT security risks for corporations and public authorities. The cutting-edge, inhouse-developed technology platform is the basis used for building up a client’s Security Operations Center (SOC) or it is used in combination with our expert analysts, documented processes and best practices as SOC as a Service.

The result: Highly effective and efficient improvement of IT security and IT risk management, continuous IT security monitoring and an overview of security-related information throughout the entire IT landscape of an organization. RadarServices analyzed 617 petabyte data, 74 billion events and 917 million vulnerability information for its clients in 2017 and identified 2.9 million incidents. Every year, RadarServices analyses 617 petabytes of data, 74 trillion of events and 917 million vulnerability information for its customers, thus identifying an average of 2.9 million incidents. Measured by these figures, RadarServices maintains the largest Cyber Defence Center in Europa by far, attracting the best IT security analysts in the world.