Digitization offers great opportunities, but also a fertile ground for cyberattacks with far-reaching consequences. A future-oriented security policy for IT and OT protection of critical infrastructure providers is a major task for every country in the world.

In order to secure Germany and its public in the long term, the IT Security Act came into force in its original form in 2015 and its Version 2.0 is expected for the end of 2021. The legislator’s declared goal is to increase the security of information technology systems.

Conventional security mechanisms such as anti-virus software, firewalls and network monitoring are necessary, but long inadequate to meet legal requirements for early detection.

Ali Carl Gülerman addresses the following questions as a guest of the secIT by Heise Digital Conference:

What challenges are companies facing as a result of the future passage of the IT Security Act 2.0 in Germany? 

What proactive mechanisms exist for searching for the Needle in the Digital Haystack and possible cyber risks?

What are the roles of people and technology in IT security? 

How does the concept of monitoring and analysis of Radar Cyber Security look like?

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How to find the Needle in the Digital Haystack

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