London, Vienna, 5th of June 2018. RadarServices is Europe’s market leader for IT security monitoring and IT risk detection as a solution and as a managed service. The company was recently awarded as one of Europe’s Top 100 fastest growing companies according to the prestigious FT 1000 report, compiled by the Financial Times and Statista.

Protect your company’s precious diamonds.

RadarServices monitors the precious IT landscapes of private as well as public institutions with up to 350,000 employees and worldwide operations. Red Bull, Emirates Steel or Telecom Liechtenstein among other world-market leaders of all sectors belong to the impressive client base. The IT security of big companies and authorities is monitored on a daily basis in Europe’s biggest cyber defence centre. The experts have all incidents happening on the continent on their radar in order to protect sensible and valuable data like customer information, source codes and trade secrets.

The IT provider combines automated detection of security problems with the analysis and evaluation by experts. The experts of RadarServices continuously analyse the results of these automated tools in the worldwide specifically for this purpose established Security Operations Centre (SOCs). In case of emergencies, RadarServices alerts the client and immediately introduces countermeasures together with the client. Corporations are hereby enjoying the advantage that “the early warning system for their IT” is always up-to-date, the best and continuously trained security experts are available at all times and current, important corporate security information is available in a comprehensive, easily understandable format at the push of a button.

Better safe than sorry – protect your company’s diamonds

As single European provider RadarServices analyses the corporate data traffic with inhouse developed technology and therewith makes sure that security relevant corporate data is not falling into the wrong hands via backdoors. The more a company focuses on promptly detecting actual IT risks instead of repulsing “imaginary” dangers, the more efficiently and purposefully it uses its resources and the more it limits the damage in the event of an attack.

Insights into the current security situation must be presented centrally and in the form of detailed and comprehensible reports and statistics on a daily basis, both for internal security teams and for company management. The information must focus on crucial events, so that elimination can concentrate fully on what is actually important. In urgent cases, alerts must be triggered in all the right places.

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