EnBW, Radar Cyber Security and Rhebo Industrial Continuity form the European Alliance for 360° Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure.

Karlsruhe, Leipzig, Vienna. Critical infrastructure companies face considerable challenges when it comes to cybersecurity: Besides classic IT, a growing number of sensitive production areas (operation technology, OT) must be protected against attacks from the Web. A new solution now makes it possible to connect both and comprehensively secure systems. Cybersecurity specialist EnBW Full Kritis Service (FKS) and European technology manufacturers Radar Cyber Security and Rhebo Industrial Continuity got together to create it.

Digitalization needs intelligent protection

Hackers no longer stop at merely attacking employees’ desktop PCs: Pumps and valves of water network operators, for example, are digitalized in order to be able to control them remotely. Most of the time, however, the OT components and sensors installed for automation purposes are inadequately protected against attacks or are not monitored at all. An attack can therefore result in a loss of production or supply. The new solution from EnBW FKS, Radar Cyber Security and Rhebo Industrial Continuity represents an integrated approach that bridges the gap between IT and OT.

The partners are set to pool their expertise in EnBW’s cybersecurity center and combine advanced threat detection, log data analysis and vulnerability management and compliance with network condition monitoring, network behavior analysis and endpoint detection and response.

This will give customers comprehensive security services and allow new products to be developed on a partnership basis. These include the new EnBW cybersecurity monitoring cockpit, which processes the data and analyses from Rhebo and Radar Cyber Security based on need and geared toward the target group, allowing customers to react quickly to events.

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The combination of products makes the difference

The integrated solution is aimed at manufacturers and suppliers in the energy, water and healthcare sectors as well as industrial customers who have to protect their IT and control technology from cyberattacks – in line with the German IT Security Act 2.0, which is in the process of being approved, and the ISO 27000 standard.

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“With our solution, critical infrastructure companies can comprehensively enhance their cybersecurity strategy to incorporate the telecontrol and network control systems,”

says Frank Brech, Head of EnBW Full Kritis Service.

Ali Carl Gülerman, CEO of Radar Cyber Security, adds:

“Several European companies are already successfully working with our technology platform, which has been developed in-house, to operate and secure their own security operations center. The security monitoring and detection processes made possible by this platform already comply with the new standard as laid down in the IT Security Act 2.0.”

Klaus Mochalski , CEO of Rhebo, notes:

“The combination of the three products gives those in charge of such matters a 360° view of operative cybersecurity and provides stability for their infrastructure,” adds Rhebo CEO Klaus Mochalski. “The risky loophole between IT and OT is closed. Both worlds are intelligently merged. As a result, industrial companies are ideally prepared to counter known and new attack patterns and deal with technical faults.”

About EnBW Full KRITIS Service

EnBW is Germany’s first company to have successfully implemented the higher standards set out in the new IT Security Act. Through long-standing cooperation with all the key authorities at national and regional level as well as the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), EnBW and its Full Kritis Service business unit enjoy a high degree of trust among their customers. The portfolio includes solutions for ensuring the relevant laws are observed, measures for establishing compliance and services to guarantee secure IT and OT operations. These services are enhanced by involving specialist partners to create comprehensive solutions for customers. EnBW FKS takes overall responsibility at all times. When operating utility services in particular, the focus is on cost effectiveness and efficiency. EnBW FKS takes these aspects into account when providing all consultation and installation services.

About Rhebo

Rhebo’s industrial monitoring solutions and services support the energy industry, industrial companies and critical infrastructures in guaranteeing cybersecurity as well as the availability of their OT and IoT infrastructures. As a company wholly owned by Landis+Gyr, a globally leading provider of integrated energy management solutions for the energy industry with around 5,500 employees, Rhebo helps companies to master the complex challenges associated with securing industrial networks and smart infrastructures.

Rhebo is a partner in the Alliance for Cybersecurity set up by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and is actively involved in TeleTrusT – IT Security Association Germany and Bitkom’s security management working group responsible for drawing up security standards.

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