Our brand in today’s cybersecurity landscape

The name of a brand is its unique selling point, the essence of what a company stands for with all its heart, drive and vision. It communicates what is important for us as a company, what makes us stand out and motivates us.

It is our ambition to constantly advance cybersecurity.

We are developing from a pure service provider and will extend our portfolio with an attractive technology and product offering. We believe this evolution shall be reflected in our brand.

Our efforts remain the same: to warn customers and companies of IT risks at an early stage and to protect them from cyberattacks. To do so, we rely on our specially developed technological platform and years of expertise, which will now also be reflected visually. For this reason, it was very important to us to communicate our transformation visually in the form of our new brand image.

In short

The idea behind the logo

The logo now gets straight to the point of what we stand for: IT and OT Security.

We not only have many years of experience in this field, but also our own self-developed technology, our own Cyber Defense Center (also known as Security Operations Center or SOC) and Threat Intelligence.

We remain true to our roots, our icon – the RADAR icon. Our icon, which detects and reports threats at an early stage. Our new visual appearance shows the remarkable journey we have been on and we are still on.

We have repositioned our brand identity, we communicate our message with, to be more targeted, precise and focused.

“We stay true to our roots – our enthusiasm and mission remain the same: to provide security.”

– Thomas Hoffmann (CEO Marketing and Sales)

New approach

In an area that is becoming increasingly complex and confusing, our aim was and still is to provide clarity and transparency. At first glance, it should be clear what we are doing and what our concern is.

I am proud of the Radar Cyber Security team, of the work that has been done, what we have already accomplished and what we will continue to achieve – with commitment, know-how and heart.

We are looking forward to what is yet to come – to many new milestones and challenges!

Kind regards,

Thomas Hoffmann