The employees of RadarServices come from 18 nations. Security analyst Asif Safdary Security Analyst Asif Safdary also excels outside of work due to his special commitment. At the beginning of 2017, he was appointed Special Representative on Youth and Security of the OSCE and held this function for more than a year in addition to his work at RadarServices. This was followed by a new international mandate: Asif Safdary has been appointed to the newly established Global Youth Advisory Council (GYAC) of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Filippo Grandi, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, set up a panel of 15 young representatives from Australia, Austria, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany, Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Switzerland, Uganda and the United States, Zimbabwe.

The activities of the young UNHCR representatives focus on working with the United Nations and its partners to operationalize and institutionalize key issues affecting young refugees worldwide. In addition, the body advises on refugee protection and development issues and represents their perspectives at national, regional and global levels. Asif Safdary fled Afghanistan ten years ago and came to Austria separated from his family. Since then, he has been involved in political and social matters: he is chairman of the board of the Association of Afghan Students and promotes networking, support and integration in this milieu.

As the integration ambassador of the Austrian Integration Fund, he gives talks at schools, tells the story of his own integration and thereby serves as a model for young people. He also occupies a board function at the START Alumni Association. START is a scholarship programme that helps dedicated teens graduate from upper secondary school and obtain university entrance qualification. RadarServices CFO & CSO Christian Polster congratulated Asif Safdary on his international mandate for the United Nations. “Asif has our full respect for what he has achieved. His continuous and sustained contribution to the ‘real’ and the virtual world gives us all the courage and motivation that each of us can do a great deal to actively shape the society in which our children will live.”