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Radar Solutions

For Inhouse Cyber Defense Center

Secure your organization’s IT environment using our technology. Materna Radar Cyber Security offers you the technology and support it takes for running your efficient and comprehensive, Inhouse Cyber Defense Center (CDC), also known as Security Operations Center (SOC).

Apart from our Platform, the leading Cyber Security Detection technology, developed in Europe to protect your company’s assets effectively, CDC processes are established. Your employees receive trainings and instructions. Therefore, Radar Cyber Security provides support at all stages: from planning and implementation to integration into your organization and continuous improvement – whether you want to establish or expand your CDC. The Radar Platform is the core component that serves as the technological basis.

For Providers of Managed Security Services 

Additionally if you not only want to build a CDC but also aim to offer cybersecurity services to your customers using our technology and our solution is the right choice. Materna Radar Cyber Security offers tailor-made solutions to become a provider of managed security services or integrate our platform into your services. If you run your own CDC outside Europe and elsewhere abroad, Materna Radar Cyber Security provides compliant technology. Additionally a go-to-market experience in combination with trainings in terms of service architecture, service delivery as well as technical sales approaches is part of our offering. White labelling or franchising – Materna Radar Cyber Security offers various options for providers of managed security services.

Technology operated by Materna Radar Cyber Security

Regular updates, integrated threat intelligence and continuous improvements are included. Big Data is proceeded and analyzed, finally resulting in customized reports, alerts and a central source of information: the Risk & Security Cockpit. Everything is state-of-the-art at any time and following Materna Radar Cyber Security’s reliable procedures for detection and risk assessment, including the advanced correlation engine.

The goal always in mind: maximum effectivity and efficiency regarding Detection & Response. Our experience is always available to you.

The platform to analyze and assess cyber threats

Our Platform stands for cutting-edge cyber detection technology. Our inhouse developed solution is characterized by state-of-the-art intelligence automation being used to comprehensively monitor IT security and perform IT risk assessments. The agnostic platform is able to analyze and evaluate any logs, networks and other kinds of information.


  1. Risks are detected by means of a multi-level correlation approach, combining different information and events, both in an automated way and through work by experts. Both customer-specific analogies and analogies involving several customers and sectors are applied.
  2. This correlation is based on a wide range of events, originating from both IT itself and the environment in which IT systems are operated. For this purpose, intelligent event middleware is used.
  3. Risks are presented for different user groups, including those not involved in IT: based on needs and clearly arranged, for critical business processes, IT services, and legal and regulatory requirements.

The various Detection Modules within the Platform lay the perfect foundation to safeguard your digital activities and footprints.

Your benefits using Radar Platform

Intelligent and efficient endpoint-to-endpoint solution

Extensive knowledge database

Turnkey concept to commence operations in a very short space of time

Scalable deployment to increase turnover

Secure throughout all phases

We support you during each and every phase: from planning and implementation through to integration into your organization and continuous improvement. Whether you want to build or expand a Cyber Defense Center (CDC), our Radar Platform serves as the central core technology and tailored to your needs. Its Advanced Correlation Engine recognizes and evaluates the data. Constant updates, integrated threat intelligence and continuous development are part of the technology.

We support through CDC Empowerment Services: we tailor RADAR Platform to suit your needs, conduct training courses for your CDC team, and work with you to establish processes and best practices that fit into your organization.

Inhouse Cyber Defense Center

For Managed Security Services Providers

 Full package of hardware & software, documentation & policies

Support from implementation through integration and improvement

Tailored to your needs through frequent updates, integrated Threat Intelligence and continuous improvements

Training of your CDC team through our highly qualified experts

For Managed Security Services Partners:
Sales trainings

Cyber Defense Framework components

IT Security takes more than SIEM

Materna Radar Cyber Security offers a wide range of detection modules for specific areas within Radar Platform – pick the components of your threat detection and cyber security strategy:

Log Data Analytics (LDA)

Log Data Analytics, also known as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), comprehends the collection, analysis and correlation of logs from various sources, distributing alerts in case of security flaws or potential risks.

Network Behavior Analytics (NBA)

With Network Behavior Analytics we detect malware, anomalies and other risks in network traffic, deriving from signature and behavior-driven engines.

Vulnerability Management & Compliance (VMC)

Vulnerability Management and Compliance enables consistent internal and external vulnerability scans with comprehensive detection, compliance checks and coverage tests. As part of an integrated software compliance check, authorized/unauthorized software is determined for each server or server group using a set of rules and a continuous analysis pattern of the current status.

Advanced Threat Detection (ATD)

Advanced Cyber Threat Detection consists of sandbox technologies of the latest generation, that detect advanced malware throughout emails and downloads. Suspicious email traffic will be alarmed and flagged.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Endpoint Detection and Response enables analysis, monitoring and detection of host anomalies, leading to active reactions and immediate alarms.

Complex data interpreted with simplicity

The Radar Analytics Interface (RAIN) is the latest generation of Materna Radar Cyber Security’s graphical user interface. SOC or Cyberdefense experts can directly access all the data of the underlying systems, as well as use and visualize the data sets clearly. The data accumulates in a highly interactive, responsive analysis interface. Experts are enabled to search for threats from different perspectives. With RAIN, analysts can quickly connect to other useful data sets, such as vulnerability information, incidents from log data analytics and numerous logs. Comprehensive drill-down and correlation functionalities empower analysts to execute complex queries – supported by a graphical representation of the relationships between the elements. RAIN makes threat detection smarter and more effective.

The advantages

See the big picture and gain meaningful insights
Rapid and unprecedented threat detection
Minimize complexity
Extended workflow functionalities
Data visualization
View data in a global context
Comprehensive drill-down and correlation functionality
Customizable user interface and freedom to choose the perspective
Even smarter and more effective threat detection
Full integration into Materna Radar Cyber Security’s bundled portfolio

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