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Europe's leading technology provider in Detection & Response


Starting Research & Development in threat detection and threat hunting



More than 100

Customers in service


Headquarters/ 2 locations within Europe

RADAR Cyber Security is the only European supplier of Managed Detection & Response who provides its services based on inhouse developed technology. More than 15 years of research and development have brought a comprehensive cybersecurity and IT risk detection solution, used to monitor the IT infrastructures of global market leaders as well as public authorities.

We incorporate our latest findings into monitoring activities for all customers. Headquartered in Vienna (Austria), we run the leading Cyber Defense Center in Europe for managed services, attracting the world’s best IT security professionals.

Europe’s leading Cyber Defense Center

Radar Cyber Security Logo Symbol
Radar Cyber Security Logo-Symbol

The Radar Vision

We dedicate ourselves to IT security. Our success is based on the trust of our customers and we act as a reliable, long-term partner to them. We have a constant focus on innovation and believe that we need to own and control the technologies we offer in order to fulfill the highest possible quality standards. We solve problems with entrepreneurial spirit and the power of deep and respectful collaboration in our multinational team.

We want to establish IT security – Made in Europe – as the internationally most trusted and most innovative answer to the challenges faced by organizations of all sizes and sectors.

The Radar Mission

We help to secure IT and OT  infrastructures to keep everyday business running smoothly by detecting cybersecurity risks from multiple sources. We understand the need of organizations to go with the digital zeitgeist and to benefit from maximum connectivity in their information and operational technology. Whatever their individual digital journey may be – we have the technology and know-how to guide the way from a security perspective and therefore allow customers to focus on their core competencies.

In opposition to other IT security providers we have the European technology to identify, the human expertise to qualify and the knowledge to eliminate threats on behalf of our customers. RADAR stands for cutting-edge and holistic cyber security. Our mission comprehends strengthened cyber security support for our customers and is reflected through our motto: Safeguard your digital journey.

Certificates, Awards, Memberships, Audits

Globally certified and acknowledged


ISO 27001 Certification

The international norm ISO 27001 specifies the requirements for establishment, implementation, maintenance and ongoing improvement of a documented information security management system for organisations.

Radar Cyber Security is ISO 27001 certified since 17.05.2017.

Cyber Security Made in Europe

Radar Cyber Security is proud to be awarded „Cybersecurity Made in Europe” by the German federation eurobits. The label raises awareness for companies originating and working in Europe and whose business is based on trustworthy European values. From a strategic point of view, the label makes an important contribution to achieving a core objective: strengthening Europe’s digital sovereignty.

Member of Cyber Security Alliance Germany

Founded in 2012 by German Bitkom association and Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security, the Alliance for Cyber Security provides companies, associations, authorities and organizations with a cooperative platform for exchanging information on current threat situations cyber security measures. Participants benefit from the know-how and the numerous committed partners and can thus significantly improve the protection of their own IT infrastructure.

MSSP Alert Top 250

Radar Cyber Security was named in the Top 250 MSSP 2022 list by MSSP Alert, published by CyberRisk Alliance. Radar Cyber Security is ranked #2 of DACH listed companies. The title honors the 250 best managed security service providers (MSSP) globally that specialize in cybersecurity.


European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) – Founding member

ECSO is an industry-led organisation with members including a wide variety of stakeholders such as large European companies, SMEs, research centres, universities, clusters and association as well as European Member State’s local, regional and national administrations, countries part of the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and H2020 associated countries.

The main objective of ECSO is to support all types of initiatives or projects that aim to develop, promote, encourage European cybersecurity, and in particular to:

  • Foster and protect from cyber threats the growth of the European Digital Single Market
  • Develop the European cybersecurity market and the growth of a competitive European cybersecurity and ICT industry, with an increased market position;
  • Develop and implement European cybersecurity solutions for the critical steps of trusted supply chains, in sectoral applications where Europe is a leader.

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