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IT security live experience

Cybersecurity World is a unique place allowing its visitors to experience IT security live. Home to Europe’s largest Cyber Defense Center, the venue is not only exhibition space, but also workplace for many of our highly specialized and continuously trained IT security experts.

Deepen your knowledge on IT security

Cybersecurity World offers multiple ways to expand one’s knowledge on IT security:

Our “hackquarter” with a thought-through 3D model allows to demonstrate and discuss through real life examples how targeted and ransomware attacks are conducted as well as how and when they could be detected to prevent from massive harm to an organization.

A conference room offers space for knowledge exchange and talks about the current state of research & innovation in the security sector, the current threat situation with up-to-date data from our Security Operations Center and how to tackle the manifold challenges ahead.

The Cyber Defense Center allows for a peek into the very place where yet alone in 2018 data volumes of 933 petabytes were processed, a total of 99 trillion events and 1.2 billion vulnerability information were analysed and 4.2 million incidents were identified. You will learn how Europe’s largest Security Operations Center is operated and get the opportunity for an open Q&A session with one of our senior security analysts.

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Being home to Europe’s largest Cyber Defense Center and with our continued commitment to promote Europe’s digital independence by taking a technology lead position in IT security, we believe it is our duty to encourage students to explore the many solid and exciting career options the industry has to offer.

Discussing IT security

We gladly open doors to schools and universities and we are happy to create long-lasting relationships with specialized technical educational institutes that we can support with lectures and talks. Should you be interested in visiting and working with us, please do not hesitate and send your request.

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