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What we build on

The inhouse technology and development

Materna Radar Cyber Security is the only European supplier of Managed Detection & Response with services based on inhouse technology. More than 10 years of research and development have resulted in the evolution of a comprehensive cyber security and risk detection platform we use every day to monitor IT security of world market leaders in all sectors as well as of public authorities. Our research team is a global leader in the area of Machine Learning, continuously incorporating the latest findings to the services we perform for our customers.

The result is a cutting-edge in-house technology, granted without built-in back doors.

The highest security standards on the market

Being the European market leader in terms of IT security, we analyse our customers’ sensitive data and are well aware of our responsibility regarding these data. We have defined especially extensive security measures to protect the data we analyse on behalf of our customers.

Our guiding principle: no data needs to leave your premises except you explicitly mandate us for it (i.e. in the case of cloud services). Moreover, we have implemented an extensive data security concept for our company, which each of our customers may view and examine at any time.

The EU data protection law as a legal framework

Materna Radar Cyber Security is not subject of the US Patriot Act and is therefore not obliged to disclose customer data to US authorities upon the latter’s request.

On the contrary: Materna Radar Cyber Security is located in Europe and complies with all European data protection rules, among others the specifications of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and includes the strictest legal framework in an international comparison.

Return on investment

Innovative power means


New approaches to detect, analyze, and prevent cyberattacks

Cyber Defense Center

With their proven know-how and years of experience, security experts are on hand to assist customers


Implementing the latest tools and technologies for security across the board

Consulting and Training

Comprehensive support by means of qualified advice on technical matters

You can follow trends or you can set them

Our ideas improve your level of security and are a driving force behind secure digital progress. For us, taking new paths and looking at things in a different way are the prerequisites for developing and implementing new technologies for security. Looking ahead is not something that is distraction for us; on the contrary, this is what opens up new opportunities. We convert ideas into future-oriented security solutions for our customers.

Shaping the future with security

An eye on everything

360° view over infrastructure with real-time alerts and reports

First-class support

Our specialists are on hand to answer any questions

Simple onboarding procedure

Rapid implementation and user-friendly overview of IT and OT

Certified security

ISO 27001 guarantees optimum security standards

Top efficiency

State-of-the-art technologies to respond immediately to threats

IT risk management

Planable and results-oriented IT infrastructure management

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