Managing Directors

Eugenio Carlon

With RADAR joining the Materna Group in September 2022, Eugenio Carlon has taken over the RADAR management. At Materna, Eugenio Carlon holds responsible for the Cyber Security division and strengthens development and operations of the Security Operations Center, information security consulting, cyber security engineering and the further development of the cyber security portfolio. Before joining Materna, he held several leadership positions at Airbus CyberSecurity GmbH, EADS Deutschland GmbH and MilSat Services GmbH.

Dr. Christian Polster

Christian Polster is an experienced strategist and brings in more than 20 years of experience in IT Security, as well as a strong customer perspective for the product portfolio including compliance topics. He worked in the global IT management of Lufthansa and in several positions at CSM Security Management AG and SurfControl plc. Polster studied Business Informatics at Vienna University of Technology, Technical University of Madrid, and Business Administration at Vienna University of Business, London School of Economics (LSE), HEC Paris and Singapore Management University (SMU).

Executive Staff

Lothar Hänsler

Chief Operations Officer

With a professional track record of more than 35 years, Lothar Hänsler held various IT management positions in Germany, the United States and Singapore. Before joining Radar, Lothar Hänsler was Head of Cybersecurity at Rolls Royce Power Systems AG, a division of Rolls-Royce plc. He was in charge of setting up a Cyber Defense Center. Hänsler holds a degree in Business Administration from Pforzheim University.

Sebastian Michels

Head of Global Sales

Sebastian Michels has more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector. He is a founding member of base-camp in 2006 and Radar Cyber Security in 2011. The enterpreneur brings in extensive leadership experience in business development, sales and channels.  Michels studied Transport Economy and Logistics at the University of Bremerhaven and Business Administration at the University of Vienna.