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Radar Cyber Security
for Leonteq AG

Our customer reference
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“The value of the continuous IT security monitoring lies in the creation of transparency. We get a comprehensive, up-to-date and structured overview of the security-relevant information in our IT landscape. It is the basis for us to make the right decisions with regard to needs for action.”

Geoff PearsonData Center Manager at Leonteq Securities AG

“Easy integration of the RadarServices risk detection modules and workflows in existing systems allowed a quick start and enables a flexible ongoing service provision. The holistic approach with regard to IT security monitoring and vulnerability management and assessment made it possible for us to select the necessary tools which fit to our IT risk management best.”

Geoff PearsonData Center Manager at Leonteq Securities AG

About Leonteq AG

Leonteq AG is a globally leading business-to-business (B2B) fintech player providing technology and services for structured investment products and pension solutions. At the core of Leonteq’s offering is a proprietary and innovative IT and investment services platform designed to maximize flexibility, transparency and service for platform (e.g. banks, insurances or corporates) and distribution (e.g. asset managers, banks or insurances) partners.

Headquartered in Zurich, Leonteq today operates in 9 other locations in Asia and Europe. The company is listed at the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Technological leadership in practice: Data handling with maximum speed and efficiency

Leonteq AG has revolutionised the speed and cost structure of the finance industry in the structured products segment.

The company’s proprietary technology platform makes it possible to instantly calculate complex structured financial products, even when tailored to individual customer requirements, and produce all the necessary documentation automatically in four languages. To do this, the Leonteq system accesses over 1,200 share values and other asset classes, as well as around 800 indexes as underlying assets. In addition, the Leonteq system suggests optimised, tradeable alternative combinations. In the insurance solutions business segment, the system makes it possible to manage investments 100% online at the individual policy level, complete with visualisations of all business transactions that have taken place during the term of the policy.

Transparency is a key enabler in the fintech business, and a strict requirement for an industry player’s IT security management.

Cutting-edge technology transforms the financial industry and transparency is a central element for this development.

Transparency however does not only enable a provision of latest financial services to an industry player’s clients. It is also essential for the security of its IT, which in turn keeps its everyday business running smoothly and supports the fulfilment of compliance demands. In this regard, Radar Cyber Security is delivering its continuous IT security monitoring and vulnerability management and assessment services to Leonteq AG.

There is no “one size fits all” in IT security.

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