More experts need more space: the Cyber Defense Center in Vienna doubles its capacities. Vienna has thus established itself as the center for IT and OT security monitoring. Security analysts from all over the world work at the Radar Cyber Security headquarter and are constantly attracting new talent. Nowhere else in Europe can the professional exchange be conducted so intensively and to such a detailed extent as in Vienna. The experts monitor the current security situation of companies from all sectors and authorities every day. The requirements and insights are correspondingly diverse, and the working day is varied. This is a key reason for looking to attract the “best of the best” in specialists worldwide.

At the Cyber Defense Center covering more than 1,000 square meters, they are among themselves, analyzing, evaluating, discussing with customers and the internal incident response teams, and continually developing themselves and the services of Radar Cyber Security further. Their thoughts and experience are also incorporated into the company’s technology. The technology they work with is not technology from a third party. The large development team, the UI/UX experts, the quality assurance experts and product management sit right next to each other, meaning that they are in constant dialogue. There is also a direct line to the in-house research department, which, for example, is working on machine learning for IT risk recognition – an interplay that impresses both experts and customers alike. The current doubling of capacity thus marks the next milestone, but by no means the end of the growth of Vienna’s Cyber Defense Center.