The cold facts

Technology is involved in every aspect of daily life, thereby having an effect on core areas such as the supply of energy and water, as well as the healthcare and food industries. There is virtually no part of our life that remains untouched by technology or is not digitally connected. Technology is finding its way into our working and personal lives to an ever-greater extent – at the same time, this technology is becoming increasingly complex and thus more susceptible to attacks and tampering. The larger and more complex the infrastructure, the more vulnerable companies are.

Cyber attacks and data theft/fraud have been among the Top 10 Risks listed by the World Economic Forum for years, both in terms of the likelihood of them occurring and the extensive, damaging effects they can have. According to a survey conducted by the German digital association Bitkom, 3 out of every 4 companies have fallen victim to acts of sabotage, data theft or espionage, causing a total of 102.9 billion euros of annual damage to the German economy. Thanks to our specially developed cybersecurity detection technology we observe this dramatic increase every day in our Cyber Defense Center (CDC) in Vienna. New challenges are determined and therefore our threat intelligence never sleeps.

What cybersecurity professionals need to know


Data access lock

Block access doors

device management

Know your devices

Securing connections to data centers and cloud storage is vital as a growing number of devices and applications are in circulation. No longer needed or damaged devices should be disposed properly.

Flag use cases

Define use cases

Security requires values and indicators of an infrastructure’s typical behavior. Use cases serve as a documentation of typical system operations. They help to detect anomalies.

countdown clock cybersecurity law

Follow law and order

In many sectors such as critical infrastructure, companies are obliged by law to prove a comprehensive security concept and demonstrate effective measures.

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Radar Cyber Security Outlook 2020

Cybersecurity checklist

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