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Radar Smart Solution for SME

A large solution for small and medium-sized companies

Detecting cyberattacks late or not at all can be expensive. This is why Radar Smart Solution detects threats using AI and state of the art technology. Radar Smart Solution provide SMEs with enterprise technology at an affordable price, along with easy-to-follow instructions to enable them to promptly react to IT risks. This security solution is ready to use within a very short time, thanks to its European cloud application.

Why does it need sustainable cybersecurity solutions for SME?

What Radar Smart Solution brings you

Easy, affordable security device and software (monthly fee)

360 degree cyberrisk assessment, AI-based

Plug and Play: ready to go within 30 minutes

Displaying results and alerts in Radar Smart Solution Cockpit

Integrated Threat Intelligence coming straight from the Radar Cyber Defense Center

Guidance on how to eliminate identified risks

Cloud solution with highest data protection standards

The powerful tools
wielded by the Radar Smart Box

  • Network Behavior Analytics to detect conspicuous network behavior

  • Vulnerability Scans uncover weaknesses in the IT system

  • Log Data Analytics collects data from various sources such as protocol, log and event information

  • AI-supported Correlation Engine combines all collected data and sorts them by importance to identify the relevant threats

  • Web Interface presents the information clearly and provides users with easy-to-follow instructions for troubleshooting.

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