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Radar Cyber Security
for the Teufelberger Group

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“In the context of current threat scenarios, this development represented the next logical and necessary step.”

Nikolaus SeislTeufelberger Group IT Manager

“There were two key reasons why we took a step back from our original plans: First, log analysis only provides an isolated view and completely ignores any links to vulnerabilities or network anomalies. Second, we also realised that you need highly specialised experts to analyse log data who continually keep up their training. Building up our expertise internally and ensuring long-term quality assurance of that just did not seem to be a sustainable approach, compared with the opportunity to work with an external partner.”

Peter AugustynIT Infrastructure Manager/Organisation & IT

“The selectable risk detection modules meet our needs, especially in terms of their comprehensive scope and continuity. The Radar Risk & Security Intelligence services which are based on automated detection allow us to keep an eye on our IT security situation at the touch of a button. Ultimately, we appreciate the proximity and trusted working relationship that Radar Cyber Security offers us as the only European provider of IT security monitoring and risk detection.”

Nikolaus SeislTeufelberger Group IT Manager

About the Teufelberger Group

Teufelberger is the leading manufacturer of ropes, strapping, and twines made of plastic materials, synthetic fibers, and steel and suited for use in highly advanced applications throughout the globe. With an export rate of more than 90%, it is a global player in each of its business divisions.

Since being founded in 1790, in Austria where it continues to have its main base, the Teufelberger group has established a network of six additional sites in Europe, Asia and North America, and today achieves annual sales of EUR 182 million (as at 2014).

Securing IT with the latest technologies

The Teufelberger group is very conscious of information security. Its IT security managers were quick to grasp the importance of establishing a comprehensive IT risk management system. Their development plans were based on turning a range of irregular, static audits into a permanent IT risk monitoring process.

Making the plans a reality

Teufelberger group’s IT security team looked into the possibility of managing log files internally.

Choosing the right partner

The Teufelberger Group piloted Radar Cyber Security’s Managed Security Services in a three-month proof of concept (POC) phase before entering a long-term cooperation.

The complete package for your IT security.

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