Continuous IT security monitoring is the only way to detect cyber attackers before they can cause damage to an organization. Investing in the hardware and software required for this detection, as well as the highly specialized analysis experts, is a major undertaking. As a result, IT security monitoring has simply been too resource-intensive for small and medium businesses.

The experts at RadarServices, Europe’s largest competence centre for IT security monitoring, have an eye on the security of numerous large companies and authorities in Europe. Due to the growing threat situation, they also want to make small and medium-sized enterprises more secure. That is why they have developed Radar Smart Solution for organisations with up to 500 employees.

“Cyber attackers are not just focusing on large companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises are often hit particularly hard. If production suddenly stops, the billing system is no longer connected or e-mail communication fails, this costs money, reputation and the company’s very existence is quickly threatened. We want to offer a solution that really helps and, at the same time, is lean and affordable. This is how the Radar Smart Solution came into being,” says Harald Reisinger, Managing Director at RadarServices.

The Radar Smart Solution consists of hardware, the “Radar Smart Box”, which collects potentially security-relevant data from the most important sources within the network and also from outside. Network flow analyses, internal and external vulnerability scans, log data analyses and – for a holistic view on security – a questionnaire for self-assessment are available depending on the service package. The acquired data are then automatically analysed. The Radar Smart Cockpit provides the overview of the findings in respect of security problems and unauthorised access to the network. The results are sorted in a priority list, each equipped with information on the next To Do’s. The cockpit is the basis for taking swift and correct measures, making optimum use of existing personnel resources and increasing the overall IT security of the company.

The solution based on cloud technology and fully automated, standardised service components enable a lean form of IT security monitoring. Everything is operated in Europe. The range of different service packages allows the maximum possible scope of IT security monitoring depending on the available budget.

Depending on the needs of a company, an IT partner may be involved permanently or on a case-by-case basis. This offers SMEs the flexibility to take advantage of the expert support they actually need from their preferred partner.

Radar Smart Solution will be available in Germany from the beginning of 2019 via the distributors ectacom, Infinigate and Tech Data. Visit our partners and us at the it-sa 2018 in Nuremberg for a live demonstration of Radar Smart Solution: