This time we focus on the story of Pavlina, a reliable and prudent Service Delivery Manager who is best known at RADAR for her frenetic energy and passion in her day-to-day work. In her job, it is especially important to work in an agile and flexible manner – a challenge she masters with flying colors. Her team holds her in high esteem.

Her career started in IT customer support, later the Czech-born manager became interested in IT project management and soon earned her Prince 2 certification. She has very positive memories of joining RADAR in 2020:

“It was an exciting moment for me, since I wanted to go for new challenges and wanted to work in an international environment. Eventually, I became aware of a job vacancy at RADAR. Today I’m on fire for cyber security.”

In the end, Pavlina grew with her responsibilities in customer support.

Flexibility and agility

As a service delivery manager, Pavlina supports RADAR’s long-standing SOC as a Service customers. She coordinates regular jour fixe meetings and is responsible for updates on the status of her client’s SOC as a Service. She oversees Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and acts as an interface with technicians at RADAR Cyber Defence Center. As the threat landscape continues to change and attacking methods become more and more complex, Pavlina’s position requires flexibility and agility. This is where her perseverance comes into play. “I particularly appreciate her effective, proactive and solution-oriented way of working in difficult project phases,” her supervisor Volker explains.

Moreover tasks in Service Delivery Management also include overseeing the onboarding process of a new customer as well as the expansion of services. As soon as Pavlina has worked through all the deadlines for an order, she likes to celebrate the success with everyone involved in the project.

Female specialists and career changers

From her point of view female cyber security specialists are in high demand: today and in the future, as well as career changers. Pavlina perceives it as natural that women are represented in the security industry. She has many highly qualified female colleagues in her environment, including at RADAR. Nevertheless, she observes that too few women have the courage to pursue a career in the specific field of IT security. Although she comes from a social science background and never studied computer science, she has managed to acquire the necessary knowledge and familiarize herself with the field through her professional practice. Pavlina is confident about her career at RADAR: “I don’t see any difference to my male colleagues. What matters is the team spirit as well as the encouragement from the managers. I can find both in my position.”

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