Development & Operations Engineer Onur about his passion and work at Radar Cyber Security

Five years ago he worked as a barkeeper in Vienna running on a completely different time schedule and working in a completely different environment. Today, Onur works as a Development & Operations Engineer at Radar Cyber Security.

Onur jobbed as a temporary help in a bar and worked his way up to barkeeper and shift lead when studying at the “Höhere Technische Lehranstalt” (Higher Institute of Technical Education) for Information Technology in Vienna. After his graduation in 2016 he chose to work as a Security Auditor and Pentester. This is when his journey with Radar began.

“Are you familiar with this feeling of inner laziness when you wish things went faster and required less effort?”, Onur asks. “Well, I am and it was that feeling that motivated me to find opportunities for automation at work.”

Being successful in his efforts, Onur increasingly engaged in automation software projects and moved closer and closer to DevOps:

“I love my work as a Development & Operations Engineer. It allows you to work on a variety of projects, to continuously learn and work with new technologies. Plus, at Radar I really have the freedom to make decisions and work independently on one hand, while on the other I have a supportive environment with great colleagues willing to help whenever needed. Radar is ISO 27001 certified and we are very proud of that, but also it requires an extra eye on security measures adding more complexity to my work. However, there is no greater feeling than taking on challenges and succeed.”

A typical work day for Onur includes e.g. the creation and maintenance of continuous integration & delivery pipelines, automatization tasks, the coordination of teams as well as the documentation of issues and their solutions. Another big part of his work is to explore new technologies and apply them as part of Radar’s continuous improvement practice.

It wouldn’t be Onur, however, if there was no side project ongoing.

“I develop mobile games for android and iOS at my gaming studio poponut studios. Sometimes it feels like I am a DevOps Engineer by day and a Game Developer by night.”, says Onur about his private passion.

When not on his computer Onur finds diversion in travelling or sports, may it be martial arts or weight lifting or joining Radar company sports events such as Vienna Business Run last year. In the office you could find him with one of his healthy shakes or cooking a fresh meal in the kitchen as wholesome nutrition is important to him.

For those of you who consider a career in Development & Operations Onur recommends to always be open for new experiences and take on the challenge, as only with challenges you grow!

His personal corresponding motto:

“Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion”
– Michael Jordan

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“Most of us have diverse talents, we just have to discover them”, that is Onur’s strong belief.

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