Note from the COO: Half-year threat situation

RADAR Chief Operations Officer Lothar Hänsler analyses the threat situation of the past 6 months. Operators of critical infrastructures are and stay a popular target for cyberattacks.

Awarded “FT 1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2022”

RADAR’s fourth award nomination of “Europe’s FT 1000 Fastest Growing Companies” underscores the growing need for security made in Europe.

Note from the COO: 10 Steps to Cyber Security

RADAR Chief Operations Officer Lothar Hänsler comments on the recommendations from UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, that published an updated 10-step cybersecurity guide for large and mid-size companies.

Retrospect and Trends 2022

RADAR COO Lothar Hänsler recaps on last year’s security landscape and sees a higher prioritization of cybersecurity in companies. Compliance and legal requirements are also playing an increasingly important role.

Note from the COO on the current threat situation

COO Lothar Hänsler concludes on the threat situation: “Companies that keep up their cyber security measures and prepare for emergencies are better off when an attack occurs.”