Cybersecurity challenges for the energy sector

New challenges for the energy sector due to digitization: Mr Einari Kisel, Regional Manager of the World Energy Council, gives an insight into the most critical topics.

Powerful hacking tools: Metasploit

To successfully implement an assault is the great art of a cyberattack. Since its release in 2003, Metasploit Framework is one of the world’s most widespread and widely used tools for conducting digital attacks – for penetration testers and hackers alike.

Global protection of critical infrastructure

It is not only in Europe that the risks of digitization and the linking of systems have long been recognized. Laws and strategies are developed and implemented around the world to guarantee the security of critical infrastructures.

Behavior and cybersecurity

In most cases, cyberattacks have one striking thing in common: unusual, conspicuous behavior patterns that can be traced in networks.