Hafnium: How to cope with Exchange Server vulnerability?

Recent Hafnium attacks relate to a Microsoft exchange server vulnerability. The Radar Cyber Defense Center offers security advisory and recommendations.

Powerful hacking tools: Metasploit

To successfully implement an assault is the great art of a cyberattack. Since its release in 2003, Metasploit Framework is one of the world’s most widespread and widely used tools for conducting digital attacks – for penetration testers and hackers alike.

What does a pentesting team do?

Radar Cyber Security employs a highly qualified team of experts to review the security of companies. As an independent body, they conduct a penetration test.

Ethical Hacker: “We are the good guys”

Radar Cyber Security’s Ethical Hackers are hired by customers to analyze computer systems or networks to find security vulnerabilities and inadequate security measures that could be exploited.

Penetration test for OpenSource project

A member of Radar Cyber Security’s Offensive Security team, Thomas Poskocil, MSc, was assigned to find vulnerabilities in the open source enterprise content management system “eZ Platform” as part of his research.