Becoming a Chief Security Analyst

Tom is a true talent in the security scene and one of the youngest team members. He talks about his career path becoming a Chief Security Analyst and describes daily challenges.

Aligning software and information security

Michael started his professional career as an entrepreneur and moved on as a software architect, driving the continuous development of Radar Cyber Security’s detection and response technology for service customers.

Destined to work in IT Security

Site Reliability Engineer Arnar describes his challenging job and onboarding during COVID-19 pandemic.

Embracing complexity

Agile Coach Nihada describes her challenging role, the relocation to Austria and working at Radar Cyber Security.

Balancing work and family

How do you manage to build a career while putting your kids first? What is important being a leader to your team and how does Radar Cyber Security support individual development? Technical Writer Team Lead Marlies shares her experiences.